Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What services does Posh offer?

We offer makeup services for all occasions! Wedding, photoshoots, fashion shows, corporate affairs you name it. No matter the occasion we provide services perfectly tailored to you.

What areas does Posh service?

We generally service the Washington D.C metropolitan area (DC, Maryland and Virginia). If you are unsure about your area or are in need of services, send us an inquiry and specify your area for further details. Long distance projects may be subject to a travel fee.

What is the PoshBar?

It’s our pop-up make up studio! The PoshBar comes with lighting and seating with Posh Artists on site to deliver beauty services for each guest in your party. Ideal for weddings, photoshoots, and other group services/activities.

Who are Posh Pro Artists?

We’ve carefully hand-picked our artists so that we can provide the best experience possible for you. Every single one of our artists are Posh Certified for professionalism, safety, skill, and customer service and best of all - are super passionate about what they do!

Is Posh Safe?

Of course! All of our professionals go through a thorough interviewing process, background check, and reference check.

How can I book?

To book an appointment, click BOOK NOW and fill out the inquiry form. One of our representatives will confirm your booking and will send you your invoice.

When is payment due?

Full payment is required in order to reserve your appointment (unless otherwise stated).

How are payments accepted?

We only accept online payments through credit, debit, or Paypal.

How can I be sure an artist will show? What happens if they don’t?

Posh guarantees that your appointment will be serviced no matter what. We have a network of skilled professionals and in almost all cases we can find a replacement for your event; if not we promise 100% of your payment back guaranteed.

How can I prepare for my appointment?

Please set aside space in a well lit area (natural light is always best) with a chair and a flat surface/table. At the time of your appointment, be ready with a clean face. If you have any preferred products of your own, have them ready before the artist begins.

What is your cancelation policy?

Clients may make cancellation up until 24 hours of service. In such cases, a full refund of deposit amount will be issued. Any cancellations made within 24 hours of service may be subject to face a cancellation fee.

Does Posh offer classes?

Not yet! We hope to offer classes soon!

Does Posh offer hair services?

As of right now Posh only covers make up services. We hope to offer hair services in the future, for now you can ask us about professionals in the area that we recommend.

I want to be a Posh Pro Artist! How can I join the team?

We are always on the hunt for talented individuals that hold our values! To apply, click ‘Join Our Team’ on the menu bar.

I have other questions, how can I contact Posh?

You can email us at or call 240-794-2883